Schoenhut Digital Butterfly Piano 61-Key Pink



Product Details

Model  6101P
Color Pink
Description 61 Key Digital Butterfly
UPC # 652730610129
Product Dimensions (inches) L 38.00 W 31.00 H 38.00
Package Dimensions (inches) L 42.50 W 36.00 H 15.00
Weight 93 lbs
Ages 12 years +

The 61-Key Digital Butterfly is a upright piano perfect for kids ages 6-12. Unlike Schoenhut’s traditional pianos this digital piano can electronically mimic the sound of a true piano, as well as other instruments. Featuring full length, full width, and velocity touch keys, this piano allows your child to learn not only proper finger placement, but proper feel for transitioning to play on a full size piano. The most exciting feature of this 61-Key Digital Butterfly is its app capability – A USB port allows for connecting to supported devices for use on a number of piano teaching apps that play through the instrument. Clad with a microphone you can even turn your toy into a Karaoke machine using the right apps.

Features include multiple sound options (E Piano, Piano, Harp, and Organ), record and playback, 10 pre-loaded songs to play and sing along with as well as a audio jack for headphones. Package includes piano, bench, microphone, music stand, sustain pedal, USB cord, power adapter and learning aids.

With so many options for instruments to choose from, why is Schoenhut the best? At Schoenhut, we prioritize safety over all else. For over 145 years, our brand has been the optimal choice for toy instruments. We meet and exceed the safety standards implemented in the United States and Europe, including EN17, ASTM, and CPSIA. Our strong, patented construction makes our products the most durable for children and adults. Parents can be reassured knowing that their child is having fun, learning, and enjoying the safest toy instrument in the industry!

For piano teaching apps, we recommend Piano Wizard, as well as a variety of products from JoyTunes including Piano Maestro. Also, Simply Piano and Piano Dustbuster.

For Karaoke apps we recommend Sing! Karaoke by Smule

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